Reko Rennie

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Regalia confronts our perception of 'royalty' by way of resistance, reclamation and symbolic reinterpretation, carried out through a branding of the artists hand and heritage, and is presented as a political statement about the original custodians of Australia - the Aboriginal people. The artwork features a repetitive pattern of three symbols: a crown, a diamond and the Aboriginal flag. The crown symbolises sovereignty while paying homage to the origins of Rennie’s practice. It poses a statement about the Aboriginal people being the lawful sovereigns of Australia, rather than the rule of the Commonwealth. The diamond reflects the artist’s acknowledgement of his Kamilaroi people. It represents the ceremonial markings, similar to a family crest and forms part of the artist’s constitution. Finally, the Aboriginal flag, which is illustrated as a graffiti tag, pays tribute to all Aboriginal people, from urban to remote environments.

9 May - 22 November 2015

Personal Structures
56th Venice Biennale
Palazzo Mora
Strada Nuova
Venice, Italy